How we and how to serve legal process in Deland properly.

The importance of the proper service of process in Deland stands as the most important element of the beginning of a newly filed lawsuit. Legal process, in essence, is a formal notification to a party involved in a lawsuit. The notification is delivered and served by one of our Deland process servers who are always respectful, disinterested in the action and observant of the laws that apply to statutory service of process.

When legal process in Deland is directed at a defendant or respondent it is essential the manner of service is executed specifically as required by law.

Many times legal process in Deland is directed at a witness which commands performance; that is, a witness is compelled to appear and or is required to produce documents or evidence by a specific date time and place.

There is only one way to serve legal process and that is the right way. Any service or delivery of legal documents to a person must comply with applicable state and federal laws

A.C.E. PROCESS SERVERS make a formal distinction how service is properly made. Each and every service that comes to us is carefully evaluated and classified so our Deland process server plans and executes proper service. First, we work with Attorney’s who ask us to serve state actions. State actions are generally legal process issued from a state court or originate from a state jurisdiction. Legal documents from a state require us to serve legal process under the laws of the issuing state jurisdiction. Second, our services involve serving and delivering U.S. Federal District Court actions which are uniquely governed by federal statutes and laws and may differ from state laws. Federal actions, though similar to state actions, require our process servers in Deland to have a complete understanding of applicable federal rules of civil procedure. Federal rules for proper service of process also involve a proper Proof of Service affidavit that differs from the affidavits required by state courts.

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A.C.E. PROCESS SERVERS in Deland understand the importance of proper service of a summons

A.C.E. SUMMONS SERVERS in Deland are professional process servers who offer fast and reliable service of process and delivery services.

Service of Process and delivery of legal documents in Deland requires on time management skills, accuracy, knowledge of the laws and tenacity. For twenty years A.C.E. Summons Servers have earned the reputation of being the most dependable and consistent service providers in Deland and have an impeccable record of success. Very few, if any, process server companies can offer you the experience, communications, follow up and flawless affidavits of service as A.C.E. Summons servers do. A.C.E. Summons Servers offer an unconditional guarantee for the way process serving services are performed. A.C.E. summons servers are situated throughout Deland and assure success!

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How a Process Service Works

Process service is the act of presenting a court summons, subpoena and other legal paperwork to someone who is involved in a legal proceeding. This is a very important step in the legal process, allowing all parties an equal opportunity to present their side of the story in a court or during a deposition. Because service of process is so important, process service is governed by numerous laws and procedural guidelines.

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